Atom Drop-Through Longboard

October 11, 2013

Atom Drop-Through Longboard
Atom Drop-Through Longboard Detail
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Atom Drop-Through Longboard Description

The Atom Drop-Through longboard is designed to let riders get a little more “down to Earth” — literally. Its streamlined design makes wheel bite a thing of the past, and a low profile and center of gravity enable greater stability while riding downhill, and easier pushing when you’re kicking around town or on long rides. Parts and Specifications Eight-pound overall weight 4.5-pound deck weight 33.9-inch axle-to-axle length 9.6-inch axle width Eight-millimeter axle diameter Deck measur…

Get more “down to earth” with the Atom Drop-Through Longboard. More stability for downhilling, and easier to push for long distance riding or just pushing around town. Wheel bite is a thing of the past now. Find out for yourself why drop-through longboards are so popular now

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Atom Drop-Through Longboard